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Culture Shox Media

What we do

Culture Shox Media is a content studio telling impactful stories through words and images across our own digital publishing platforms and helping brands do the same.

We specialize in storytelling and publish a wide range of articles, podcasts, and micro-content across our diverse network of online properties and social channels. Visual appeal, great design, and engaging journalism are all major pillars we live by.

As both a publisher and service provider, we understand your challenges, pain points, and opportunities when aiming to create great content to position your brand in the best light possible to obtain optimal results.

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Meet the founder

Culture Shox Media founder, Meres J. Weche, has always had a passion for telling stories in words and images. Born into a family of writers, visual artists and musicians in the Caribbean, he immigrated to Canada as a four-year-old during the late 1970s. Growing up trilingual (Creole, French and English) in the province of Quebec, he later moved to Ontario’s cities of Ottawa and Toronto.

The vibrant cultural scenes of Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto laid the foundations and arts-inspired roots of Culture Shox Media. After spending several years working in the financial services industry as an analyst with leading firms such as TD Bank and Citigroup, Meres decided to take a leap of faith and launch two Toronto-based cultural websites with two co-founders between 2004 and 2005. still caters to Toronto’s Francophone and Francophile communities, and soon became a popular online campfire for Toronto’s African-Canadian community.

From the attention garnered from these two sites’ coverage of various arts and community events in Toronto, such as the Toronto International Film Festival and others, Meres’ work caught the attention of a headhunting agency looking for an online editor to manage the online entry points properties of Canada’s largest general-interest portal,, from Microsoft Canada's downtown Toronto offices.

Culture Shox Media was thus born as an entity and provided editorial and digital marketing services to Microsoft for three years. Since then, the company has expanded into publishing other websites targeting the travel market, the outdoors industry and online recruitment.

Partnering with established companies like Expedia, CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter and many more affiliates, Culture Shox Media’s online properties focus on storytelling and content marketing to promote products and services of interest to our various tribes.

Culture Shox Media's tribes include travel lovers, adventure seekers, designers and creative professionals, as well as arts and culture enthusiasts.

Meres has a personal affinity with all of these tribes as they each reflect his own experiences and interests. His interests also span various other topics like journalism, science and innovation, entrepreneurship, social media, and photography. He has even produced a tome on ancient history and archaeology.

Meres first got the travel bug when he took a semester off before starting university to go on a 3-month working holiday in London, England, through the Student Work Abroad Program (SWAP). Two years later, in 1993 while in university, he took the initiative to personally write to the Chairman of the National Bank of Egypt to ask him for a summer internship in Cairo. Much to his surprise, his wish was granted and he was off on a great work/travel adventure.

The travel and exploration drive only grew stronger over the years. In fact, in 2012, Meres returned to the Middle East to work as a web and content lead in Saudi Arabia. Culture Shox Media also subcontracts with specialized and large agencies in North America and Europe to help global technology companies connect with their B2B audiences.

See Meres' blog: Meres of Arabia.


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